Suggestions and Ideas for Eternal Magic

Hello guys these are my suggestions and ideas for Eternal Magic hoping it will be taken in consideration:

  • Cap Level should be increased and we should get more quests and expanded Story
  • New Feature: Companions (a similar system to Dragon Age, SWTOR and etc)
  • New skill slots in the skill tab ( the one down below)
  • As said above, the story should be expanded with new quests and scenarios
  • New Class: Warlock (or Necromancer)
  • New Class Updates: Holy Knight -> new skills, new passives, new buffs and Healing spells (similar to Paladin in WoW)
  • Improved Quest System
  • Improved UI
  • Performance and Stability improvements
  • New zones to explore
  • New adventures for players to enjoy
  • New Character background screen
    Well these are straight to the point and any of you would want to have a better gameplay experience, right?

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