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We know that many of you have elected to stay indoors and work from home during the quarantine. Our team would like to remind you to take good care of yourself and listen to the advice offered by your respective country's medical experts.
To try and make this difficult period of time more comfortable, we have prepared a variety of in-game presents and deals! Meet up with friends in your favorite in-game area, hang out, and have fun without leaving the premises of your own house!


Until April 6, 10:59 AM (GMT), get the Keeper Pack with an 80% discount! The pack is available for purchase from the store on the game's official website.

The pack includes:

  • "Golden vanguard" title (pack exclusive)
  • Sunmane mount (pack exclusive)
  • Dark harbinger outfit (pack exclusive)
  • War wolf companion
  • Resurrection stone x10
  • Lvl. 3 Spirit stone x5
  • Tactics guidebook x10
  • Explorer coupon x20
  • Pendant stats reset crystal
  • Rare treasure map
  • Enhancement talisman


Until April 5, 9:59 PM (GMT+1) for EU and 3:59 PM (GMT-5) for NA, there will be huge discounts from 40% up to 90% on the following in-game store items:

  • Actaeon mount: 9999 3999 elirs
  • Seraph mount: 6880 3440 elirs
  • Hell Storm mount: 6880 3440 elirs
  • Heart of Existence: 3000 300 elirs
  • Hot spring ticket: 998 199 elirs
  • Special soul stone: 200 120 elirs
  • Enhancement talisman: 450 180 elirs
  • Red rose: 149 29 elirs
  • Skill coupon: 600 240 elirs
  • Extra set coupon: 600 240 elirs
  • Fate card coupon: 600 240 elirs


From March 27 until April 5, log into the game every day to claim a series of valuable gifts! The items will be delivered to your character via the in-game mail:

March 27: Excellent divine stone x15, Leonkur medal x5.
March 28: 5,000 Gold, Explorer's Coupon x20.
March 29: Pendant stats reset crystal x1, Vidin's creation x1.
March 30: Spirit stone lvl. 4 x5, Leonkur medal x5.
March 31: Lucky coin x4, Explorer coupon x20.
April 1: Defense crystal x2, Resurrection stone x20.
April 2: Elite spirit stone x2, Leonkur Medal x5.
April 3: Excellent divine stone x15, Ancient beast hematite x2.
April 4: Pendant stats reset crystal x1, Explorer coupon x20.
April 5: 5,000 Gold, Leonkur medal x5.

See you in the Terrasia!

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